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Dining Payment Options

Conferences have the following choices for meal payment: all-you-can-eat meal plan, a-la-carte pre-loaded dining cards, or guest self pay.

Meal Plan

The Dobbs Market Meal Plan is the best option for large or youth groups. Conferences choosing the Meal Plan option will have their participants dine at the Dobbs Market in the Dobbs University Center (DUC). The largest dining hall on campus, the Dobbs Market serves cafeteria-style meals for flat rates per meal at tiered pricing (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). Guests are granted unlimited returns to the food lines during their meal time in the facility.

Conferences are billed for the meals ordered. Conference directors will sign the meal plan order confirmation at the conclusion of their group's check-in to be invoiced for the meals. If your group has special dietary needs (i.e. vegan or vegetarian options), we will accommodate those needs at the DUC. Please submit these requests at least two weeks prior to arrival.

Pre-Loaded Dining Cards

Conferences who wish to give their participants a variety of meal choices may opt to order pre-loaded dining cards for guest usage over the duration of the conference. Conferences choose how much to add to the cards (i.e. $10/day) and then guests can purchase items on their own at any Emory campus dining facility. The cards act like debit cards; once the amount runs out, guests must use their own form of payment to complete purchases. 

Conferences are only charged the amount used on each card, plus a small processing fee. For example, if the card is loaded with $10, but the participant only uses $5, the conference will only be charged $5 plus the processing fee.

Our office works closely with our food service providers to ensure dining options are available during all conferences. Dobbs Market hours may vary depending on the summer schedule, and some locations may not be open on holidays.