Whether you are looking to host an athletic camp or need recreational space for your group to spend during downtime, Emory has a variety of indoor AND outdoor facilities may accommodate your needs.

Student Activity and Academic Center

The Student Activity and Academics Center (SAAC), located at the Clairmont Campus, combines state-of-the-art facilities for both mind and body. Since its opening in 2002, the SAAC has become a model for learning outside of the classroom, while offering many popular recreation options. Unless staying on the Clairmont Campus, guests do not receive use of the facility included with their stay. However, the facility is available for reservation. For more information about the facility, please visit their website at saac.emory.edu

The SAAC combines recreation and academics all under one roof! Indoor facilities include:

  • Gymnasium with capacity for two (2) basketball or volleyball games, or three (3) badminton games
  • Free weights and Cybex weight training equipment
  • Conditioning equipment, including arc trainers, treadmills, and stair masters
  • Several technologically advanced classrooms
  • A computer lab
  • Clairmont Cafe dining option*
  • Four (4) standard locker rooms and additional family locker rooms, with shower facilities
  • Full-service information desk and equipment checkout station
*The SAAC also offers on-site catering for any event you might wish to plan.

The SAAC offers a variety of outdoor facilities that may remain lit until 10:00pm upon request. Outdoor facilities include:

  • Three (3) swimming pools, including an Olympic-sized pool with four diving boards, patio, and deck chairs
  • Six (6) hard-court and two (2) clay tennis courts
  • Full-size basketball court
  • Regulation sand volleyball court
  • Multi-purpose field

Woodruff P.E. Center

The Woodruff Physical Education Center (affectionally referred to by students as the "WoodPEC") opened its doors in 1983 following a $20 million renovation. The building has undergone several additional renovations, the most recent of which was in 2004. Conference guests residing on the central campus may use the PE Center during scheduled hours while on campus.

The WoodPEC offers a variety of indoor spaces for your group to enjoy. Indoor facitilies include:

  • Gymnasium with four (4) full basketball courts, five (5) volleyball courts, or eight (8) badminton courts
  • 1/8 mile indoor track
  • Olympic-sized swimming pool with two high dives
  • Four (4) indoor tennis courts
  • Free weights and Cybex weightlifting equipment
  • Elliptical runners, treadmills, stair masters, rowing machines, and other conditioning equipment
  • Squash courts
  • Racquetball courts
  • Two (2) additional indoor multipurpose courts
  • Spinning/cycling facilities
  • Dance studio
  • Multipurpose room
  • Full-service equipment room
  • Locker rooms with shower facilities
  • indoor rock-climbing wall

The Woodruff PE Center offers several outdoor facilities that feature lighting, which can remain on until 10:00 PM. Outdoor facilities include:

  • Eight (8) hard-court tennis courts
  • McDonough Field, featuring a fenced-in playing arena and covered pavilion
  • Candler Fields, featuring a secluded atmosphere for more intense sports camps with enough space for four (4) full soccer fields

The PE Center also has equipment for numerous recreational activities that is available for guests.

Group Functions

While guests receive individual usage of the Woodruff PE Center or the Student Activity and Academic Center, all areas within both these facilities may be reserved for group functions. In addition to providing access to these facilities, guests may also use professional, trained, and certified Emory instructors to expand their recreational options. Popular options include:

  • Dance, including: jazz, modern, ballet, ballroom, social dance, and salsa/meringue
  • Yoga
  • Martial arts, including: Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Ninjutsu, Karate, and Capoeira
  • Pilates
  • Aerobics, including: water aerobics, step aerobics, and cardio kickboxing
  • Strength and conditioning classes
  • Tai Chi
  • Racquet Sports
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Indoor Cycling/Spinning
If you have special requests, please let us know and we will try to accommodate them.